3 Homeowners Halloween Tips

Tomorrow marks the day that tiny crying pumpkins, homemade bed-sheet ghosts, and maybe even a few one-eyed pirates will be knocking down your door for candy.  Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Below are three common problems on Halloween and a little bit of insight as to what may or may not be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Of course, this is just general information so you should always double check your policy to find out your specific coverage.


Trick-or-Treating Slips and Falls

Trick-or-treating is one of the most exhilarating activities for a child – who doesn’t love going door to door receiving free candy? Until that smiling child trips and falls…

Fortunately, most homeowner policies provide liability coverage when injury occurs on your property.  $100k is the standard amount per occurrence but it depends on your policy.

Quick Tip: Preparation is key!  Lighted, unobstructed walkways will prevent injury.


Jack-o-Lantern on fire

Using a candle to light your carved pumpkins? If so, you’re not alone.

According to the US Fire Administration, 15,500 fires over the past three years have resulted from lighting those jack-o-lanterns you slaved over for hours with that tiny dull knife.

Fortunately, most homeowner policies cover fires that originated from a candle.

Quick Tip: Light your jack-o-lanterns for just a short time on Halloween night, and keep an eye on them the entire time.


Beware of “tricks”!

Nowadays, “trick or treating” really focuses on the “treating” part.  Unfortunately, there can still be “tricks” as well.  That teenager in the chicken costume could decide that it would be funny to egg your house and voila – damage to your siding!

More often than not, something like this would be considered vandalism meaning you would be covered.  Your insurance company will often also cover the cost of repairs if it exceeds your deductible for vandalism, but it is always good to double check your policy.

Quick Tip: Give out plenty of treats, so as to detour from tricks. 🙂


Halloween can be an exciting, spooky, cavity-filled holiday as long as you play it SAFE!  Contact a Stoneway Field Marketing Representative and request a free homeowners insurance policy review today!

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