About Stoneway Financial Services

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Who We Are

Stoneway’s mission is to provide a uniform wealth management and estate planning service throughout the North West. We exist to train agents and clients so together they can make informed decisions about their financial future and pave the way for future generations to come. We take managing your wealth, big or small, very seriously. For many of our clients it has taken years to build up a nest egg. With this fact in mind we stay away from investment schemes that promise big returns, but expose our clients to serious risk.  A solid risk managed investment strategy is a better way to achieve solid dependable growth. At Stoneway we believe that excess risk does not equate to excess returns.  A balanced risk managed approach will often give way to greater returns over the long haul.  You can depend on us to plan for solid dividend earnings and reasonable equity growth with lower risk exposure.

At Stoneway Financial Services, we believe that one can only have true financial peace of mind, when one knows, without a doubt, that they have a comprehensive financial strategy.  This strategy must be designed to provide for them the guidance needed, not only during the good times, but also during the “not so good times”.  At Stoneway, we also understand that people need an ongoing advocate to guide and protect them through life’s sometimes unexpected and inevitable down turns.

As an investment advisor representative, Brian works to help his clients avoid taking unnecessary financial risks.  Instead, he helps his clients really understand what their wealth represents to them:  Peace of mind, freedom, choices and stability.His strategies attempt to create a comfortable lifestyle that allows his clients to make choices that are best for themselves and their loved ones.

At Stoneway, we with our clients to help them take control of their financial future through education and the creation of a comprehensive financial strategy.  This process is designed to help our clients with 5 critical areas of retirement planning, including:

  • Retirement Income & Social Security Maximization Planning
  • Advance Tax Planning & Minimization Strategies
  • Investment & Risk Management Strategies
  • Emergency Planning
  • Estate & Legacy Planning

As Fiduciaries, we see our responsibility as helping our clients make the strongest financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones.    We work hard to bring our clients financial solutions that are designed to protect, preserve, and grow their assets into and throughout their retirement.

Discover what it means to have “your own” personal financial guide working with you to help you make the strongest financial decisions for you and your loved ones.  Discover what it means to have the confidence and peace of mind you deserve in retirement.  

Questions? Brian Lowery is an investment advisor representative and a fiduciary. Call (206) 866-7660 or click here to schedule a no obligation initial consultation.