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As stated in this blog post, your ability to earn income is one of your most prized assets.  In order to protect this asset, private disability insurance is the safest option.

Most Americans are on the MUG plan, meaning they need to earn an income for…

Similarly, most Americans don’t realize that their MUG plan could be shattered if they are unable to work for longer than 30-90 days.  A good tool to use when thinking about disability insurance is…

a)       Monthly income = $3000, Monthly income if disabled = $0

b)       Monthly income = $2950, Monthly income if disabled = $2000

This example shows that for only $50/month, option (b) can help you can protect your income in the event that something happens.  Isn’t it worth it?

Talk to a Stoneway Financial representative about options to protect your most valuable asset.

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