September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and Stoneway Financial will be providing a host of information provided to us by (non-profit that promotes the value of life insurance).  The United States is grossly under-insured.  Life was established 20yrs ago to help educate consumers on the importance of Life Insurance.

“59% of Americans haven’t bought life insurance or more of it because they have “other financial priorities.”

Life insurance is the only insurance guaranteed to pay.  People pay car insurance every 6 month and do not collect for years, we insure our homes and do not collect for decades. Yet when it comes to life insurance only 5 out of 100 own it.

Life insurance coverage is an absolute necessity for your family’s financial stability.  Without it, your family could enter serious hardship and possible financial ruin.

Please help us promote Life Insurance Awareness Month by liking and sharing our social media posts this month with the people that you care about.  If you know someone that is interested in obtaining life insurance, please have them get in touch with a Stoneway Financial Services, Field Marketing Representative.

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